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Guid Scots Sangs £12 + PP

Arranged as Instrumental Airs for Small Wire-Strung Clarsach

Twelve songs Karen has loved since childhood, with fingering, damping, and ornamentation all written out, and including the words (with glossaries for non-Scots!) so that you know what the song is about. Range of G below middle C up to treble D. Harp in C tuning throughout although several keys and modes are used.

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Taylor's Miscellany £12 +PP

This book is aimed at new and inexperienced players with small gut-strung harps of about two and half octaves. Fingerings, placement brackets and ornamentation are given in this progressive introduction to Scottish music on the harp. Airs, lullabies, marches, jigs, and reels, from a variety of sources, are included along with recent compositions. 

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Early Scottish Airs £15 +PP

This book contains arrangements by leading wire-harper Bill Taylor, of pieces from the 17th-century lute manuscripts along with tunes and airs from 18th-century collections. They are intimate pieces, music enjoyed in the households of wealthy landowners, set out here for a range from G below middle C up to treble D. Ornamentation, damping, gestures and fingering are all written in, and clearly explained in the glossary.


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